Rural Procedural Consolidation Term (RPCT) Grants

Dr Timothy Faulker with patient

Dr Timothy Faulker with patient

The Rural Generalist Program South Australia (RGPSA) invites applications for Rural Procedural Consolidation Term Grants to support Rural Generalist registrars or Fellowed GPs towards the consolidation of new skills development or require upskilling in an existing skill after significant time away from advanced skills practice.

These grants, valued up to $25,000 support skills consolidation posts in rural health services and rural general practice for the purpose of salary support and resource needs for prospective medical practitioners to consolidate their advanced/additional skills.

It is anticipated that the majority of support needed for the trainee will be learning to use their skills independently within a small health service context (primary location). A secondary location may be appropriate where further training or skill development is not able to be obtained in the smaller health service.

Support can be provided by the Rural Generalist Coordination Unit (RGCU) through the RGPSA Rural Generalist Lead and Advisors for general advice and to assist with the identification of trainees and placement sites.

The trainee should work with their training organisation, college and primary location health service to develop skills consolidation placement and RGPSA RPCT grant application. Please contact the RGCU to discuss your needs and for assistance.

Applications are to be made by the regional Local Health Network (rLHN) as a preference or the primary care clinic in certain circumstances. Where an application is initiated by a trainee, they should liaise with the rLHN/Primary Care clinic to complete the application.

Applications open until all grants allocated.

Six grants of up to $25,000 each are available each financial year commencing 2022-23 through to 2025-26, total of 18 grants over three years.  Applications may be submitted at any time with placements commencing as required.


Please read grant guidelines carefully and complete the application form and training plan.

Each application will be assessed on a case by case basis against the assessment criteria as outlined in the grant guidelines. Approval is subject to funding availability with limited grants available.

Emergency Medicine: Please note that if you are seeking to undertake the Emergency Medicine Certificate or Diploma you can access support through our scholarships program for these qualifications and other courses.

How to submit

Submit completed applications along with training plans to:

Where a trainee has yet to be identified, pre-approval may be given subject to the recruitment of the trainee and successfully meeting eligibility criteria.