Our Clinical Lead and Advisors can be contacted for advice and support by

  • students seeking further information on becoming a rural generalist and which pathway might suit them and what they need to get there,
  • for current trainees seeking advice and support on their current training program or situation
  • GPs looking for advice on developing advanced skills

If you would like to be contacted by our Clinical Lead or one of our Clinical Advisors, click the Advice button and complete the contact form with your details and details about your enquiry. You can expect a response within a few days.

Meet our Rural Generalist Clinical Lead and Clinical Advisors:

Dr Mike Beckoff, Rural Generalist Lead

Dr Mike Beckoff

Rural Generalist Lead

Dr Mike Beckoff is an experienced and well respected rural generalist who has worked in and across numerous rural and regional locations of South Australia over many years.

Dr Peter Gilchrist

Dr Peter Gilchrist

Rural Generalist Anaesthetic Advisor

Dr Peter Gilchrist is an experienced rural generalist anaesthetist (RGA) and clinical educator for Flinders University currently working across Flinders and Upper North Local Health Network.

Dr Steve Holmes

Dr Stephen Holmes

Rural Generalist Obstetric Advisor

Dr Stephen Holmes is a general practitioner / obstetrician in Clare with a long history of advocacy for rural practice.

Dr Jason Barment

Dr Jason Bament

Rural Generalist Emergency Medicine Advisor

Dr Jason Bament is a rural generalist in emergency medicine, anaesthetics and public health.